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About C.P.O.V.

Imagine, if you will that, the world you know is but a mere dream there for you to enjoy, experience and train from.  Everything that you manfest, experience and learn from the physical energy of this world (your point of view), is stored internally to be shared  with  the divine energy your higher consciousness when you leave your body.     

Consciouspov.com is designed to help consciously aware souls connect and converse daily with  their higher consciousness  as well as share their point of view (experiences/knowledge attained) with other souls in th physical realm.   Feel free to comment from your point of view on any video or blog entry,  subscribe to our newsletter or dailyblog email, or open your own discussions in our members forum

About The Author

I was raised Roman Catholic and was taught by the nun's of St. Mary's Elemetary School for 1st and 2nd grade, but even at that early age I often questioned the rituals and practices of the religion, since it seemed to go against the very grain of what I felt life was all about.In the back of my mind, it always seemed to me that hurding a bunch of people in a room like a group of cows, to stand, sit, kneel and recite things out of requirement more so than personal thought was a way of keeping people at bay - to follow the leader  and not have thoughts for themselves.So I went through the motions for a few years, but always kept an open mind about life and spirituality,  knowing it was more of  a personal experience to be controlled from within than a motion that one would sludge through.  I had found refuge in wandering off by myself, finding a quite place in the woods, climbing a tree and just sitting for hours, not thinking but observing how wonderful the world is.   At the time I knew nothing of meditation, being present, or synchrodestiny, but I felt extremely peaceful and awestruck at how I would observe the world, as if I had melded into it somehow.  Things were more vibrant and alive and I had a strong sense that Life was not how it appeared but an illusion of my own mind.  A Dream, that  I could control at my own will -Then when I was 13,  I read This Perfect Day, by Ira Levine, and it hit me like a ton of bricks, confirming my thoughts that the rituals of religion and society were set up to constrain people from thinking for themselves, forcing them to serve a monotheistic ideal, that separated spirituality from within and put the power in one god, or church or government downplaying each individuals contribution to Life.  I started thinking again about Life being an Illusion and not as it so obviously appeared to be.  And as if answering my thoughts I heard about a book by Richard Bach called Illusions.  I was obsessed about getting a copy of this book, but was afraid to ask my mother to buy it for me, for fear it would turn into a long conversation about how I didn't believe in God. That's when I experienced my first true sign of Synchronicity - A strong Coincidence that was so blatantly obvious, there was no denying that it was a sign to set me on my Life's Journey.   For the next day, after wanting to get this book so bad but not telling anybody about it, I went to school and sitting right in front of my locker was a copy of the book.  Some people would claim it was a miracle from god, but to me it was a confirmation that life is an illusion and I could manifest what ever I wanted in this life just by thinking positively about it and knowing it would happen.For the next several years, I continued to connect with nature and get a strong sense of what life is about and absolute feeling that it was my calling to explain to people how to see the world as an illusion and how to use the energy of the Earth, Universe, Body and Mind to form a portal to divine consciousness.     The outcome:  my first novel:   The Dream Painter. However with my belief that spirituality was personal, and quite frankly concerned  I was a little crazy going against the laws of nature and society in my view of the world and events to come, I didn't really study up on other religions and philosophies that were available to me to confirm these ideals.   It was not  until much later in life after I read James Redfield's The Celestine Prophecy,  and realized I was being aloof, using my fear of loosing something personal from enabling myself to receive personal information, in effect closing off my perception to the abundance of synchronistic signs.  
Since then a myriad signs pointed to a movement of people and ideals explaining what is going on and how to connect for yourself to get the big picture,  that there were others – Lightworkers, each connected to the same Gnostic knowledge, learning to use the energy of the earth, universe and channel it out to the world to bring peace and love to all that exists.   
This site was formed with two purposes in mind.  First off to share the  information I have been channeling from universal consciousness to anyone looking for answers through my writings (The Dream Painter, Conscious P.O.V and the upcoming Univinity), blogs and video demonstrations.  Secondly, to gather a group of like consciously connected souls to share their ideas and skills  and energy, to solidify our place in this universe and pave the way for a new dawn.